Prophecy To The ‘Church-At-Large’

The church-at-large will begin to understand that it is not just you here in your place, and the missionaries are out there in their place, and it is so hard and so tough for them. You only focus on their suffering!
Oh, we see the magazines of the suffering and the martyrdom of many, and how they have been persecuted. Yes, we need to see that. Yes, we need to pray. But that is not indicative of everything that is going on there. It?s not all so tragic.
My presence is with My people there. My glory is with My people there. I am moving there. People are getting saved. People are getting healed. People are getting baptized. People are getting delivered. People are coming into the family of God.

I see that the Lord is going to ordain a magazine that is going to go around the world. I don?t know who He is going to use to do this, but it is going to literally depict revival and depict the positive aspects of what is happening even in the ?hard places? of the world. Others have just portrayed the violence and the devastation and the murder and the persecution and the horrible things that have been happening even to My people. But the Lord is going to cause this thing to become a reality.
The Lord says that two other Christian Networks, even in America, will I raise up in years to come. One will be large, but another one will be absolutely massive. They will rival even in their viewer ship, and the amounts of broadcast quality and quantity of the world, even what the other great network and networks have done before.

The Lord says I am now raising up a new breed and a new company of ministers that are going to carry My fire. It will be like the Saul and David fight where the Saul?s will say, ?we are the rulers and who is this young David? And David will just say ?Praise the Lord!? He sent me. He has anointed me. I am not going to apologize for it. We will just see what happens. And surely, even as David ended up being king on the throne, so it will be for these My servants that I am raising up in this day and hour.

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Power To Get Wealth

It’s finally official! A massive wealth transfer is coming to the
Church! Are you ready to be part of it? Using vivid Biblical illustrations,
God’s servant, Dr. Manton, takes you through this
reality using a fundamental biblical argument: God gives the
power to get wealth Deut. May He grant you this wealth
anointing as you watch this series. It’s time to get wealth for
the kingdom. Go for it beloved!
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Living in The Name Of Truth

Many still ask like Pontius Pilate did; “What is Truth?”(John 18:38), Many do not know the Real Answers to this Ageless Questions. They remain bound in the world of facts; thus the Deeper Life of Faith and Freedom evades them.( John 8:32).But did you know that Truth is Jesus Christ Himself? Do you know that Living in Him, and By Him, and doing things in His Name is Truth?(John 14:6).In this series, God’s Prophetic Teacher, Thomas Manton IV, Once again drops timely Revelation about the Tangible Reality of Jesus Christ in a unique and challenging Message to the church. Modern- day Truth demands that we accept Truth over Facts; and the Spiritual above the Intellectual. We must move beyond ‘thinking and speaking’ into living and doing? God’s Truth! And He wants to Empower you: And lead you into great Change, Development and Advancement to fulfill His Mission for your life! The Edification contained in this great Teaching will greatly Bless and Empower you! Prepare yourself now to answer all the ‘Pilates’ of our generation by Living in The Name Of Truth!
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Principles Of Success!” *E-News

-by- Dr. Thomas Manton IV


“He shall be like a tree, planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper.” (Psalm 1:3)
Given the economic times in the world today, it is appropriate to talk about what God says about success and wealth. Knowing and doing what the Father says is the key to greatness and success. His measure of success is defined by our obedience and faithfulness to Him, regardless of personal cost and opposition!
The Lord asks of His children to believe in His Word. We need to understand that the power to get wealth and success comes from the Holy Spirit and His anointing! “Jesus said unto Him, if you can believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” Mark 9: 23
According to the bible, one of the key principles to financial success is tithing and sowing seeds. Faithfull and consistent tithing, giving offerings and sowing seeds is necessary in a Christian’s life. The word of God also gives this as one of the requirements for His giving you His increase, abundance and wealth. Be not deceived; God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. (Gal. 6:7)
We also have to pray for God to reveal His will in our life. This is a key to unlocking and finding divine ability and skills. The beauty and marvel of getting supernatural revelation, wisdom and prophetic gifting is that people are able to work and excel in different spheres of life. It empowers wealth producers, givers and donors; and draws them to the glory of God and Kingdom building.
A man’s thinking and mindset are critical to how much success they will enjoy in life. The word of the Lord is quick to point out that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he! Most people go through life on autopilot; they do not pay attention to their thoughts, emotions and even words! A positive mindset is important. You do not get in life what you want; you get in life what you are!
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“Thus says the Lord, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the Lord thy God. Which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go.” (Isaiah 48:17)
We have to learn to align all aspects of our lives with the word of God. His guidelines further teach us that the diligent hand makes rich; the slack hand makes to want. For the lazy, poverty shall hunt them like an armed man. Fear and procrastination is also a great obstacle to success. Proverbs tells us that the sluggard fears the lion in the city and stays home! For one to succeed or achieve their dream, they need to have the initiative to value, carry out and implement opportunities!
God encourages His children that they will
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Prophetic Words To Mongolia, Tibet, The Northern Parts Of The Asian Continent, And Singapore

Dr Thomas Manton IV ~ To Asian Continent

Changes over China you will see! And many things concerning China will now become very ‘vocal’ and even ‘global’ throughout the world’s media. The ‘attention’ of the world will come to China, and the media will talk about many developments there. This will not be any ‘one-time’ event, but it will be an ongoing breakthrough for the ‘destruction’ of the works of hell over many generations, centuries, and yea, even ‘millennia!’ Freedom and liberation is coming to the masses, the multitudes of people that live in that great nation, says the Lord God Almighty!

I will move even into Mongolia and Tibet and even up into the Northern parts of the Asian Continent, says the Lord. In the northern parts, there will come great deliverance and freedom from demonic powers that have ruled there for a very long time, even for millennia. There are very strong ‘networks’ of demonic principalities in Northern Asia. But there is now coming an ‘unveiling’ of what they are, and what they are doing, and how they got there. I will anoint, appoint, raise up and assign many to go back and uproot their even ‘ancient’ works, says the Lord! Their chains of power and hierarchies in the spirit realm will be chopped down! I have many intercessors already praying on the wall! Many have fasted and prayed, and surely I will now bring these powers and principalities down, says the Lord!

Many have not known that they have been under the spell of the wicked one, and under the strongholds of principalities, powers, rulers of darkness in this world, and wicked spirits in high places. Somehow they did not know that they were being held captive, and why they thought certain ways, and why they did certain things, and why they did not want to do certain things. Certain celebrations and things instituted by their ethnic cultures and traditions in their provinces and regions at times connected, compromised, combined and cooperated even with the ‘evil one.’ But the Lord says; “Surely now I will overturn many of these practices that even entreated devils, and I will give great breakthroughs to the peoples and nations of the North in Asia, says the Spirit of the Lord. People will be liberated all throughout the continent of Asia now greater than ever before, says the Lord your God! Click here for more

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Prophecy To Switzerland

Dominion International Africa ~ Nairobi, Kenya

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Dominion International U.S.A. ~ P.O. Box 167 ~ Bloomfield, New Jersey ~ 07003 ~ USA

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Prophecy To Switzerland!”


~A Prophecy through the

Prophetic & Revelatory Teaching Ministry of

Dr.Thomas Manton IV~


The Word of the Lord comes unto me saying unto the Nation of Switzerland: 

A “Holy Ghost-Revolution” is coming to Switzerland! New visitations from Heaven will come to you in new ways now in Switzerland, declares the Sovereign Lord! New moves of My Spirit will begin to move across your Nation now to touch many people in many new ways! 

My new visitations will begin to move very strongly in the eastern-part of your Nation. A region along the Eastern border will be hit by Me; along with your five major-metropolitan Cities.  Five key-cities in Switzerland will be hit in great ways with the new things I am about to do in your land, says the Lord!  

I will cause My Church to begin to rise up now in new and powerful ways to begin to destroy the old-religiosity that has left My people religious, but basically powerless. I will show you now the prevailing orders of religious powers, religious devils and religious orders that re standing so strongly in your nation. But now, I will work with you, My anointed remnant, and I will empower you to rise up against them, and together, we will see them begin to crumble and they will eventually be destroyed!  

I will even do something inside the government of Switzerland to thwart these religious forces! They have been binding multitudes from receiving My true salvation and healing and deliverance! I will cause something new to be put into motion coming out from inside your government to stop their control over people. I would desire to even totally stop them from being, says the Lord!  

A disbanding is coming to these religious forces! And your government will have their hands in assisting this cause of Mine!  

A shift is coming in your land! A great awakening will begin to rise up in your people. A great hunger for the new things I am about to do! 

Something new will begin to be planted in the hearts of My anointed sons and daughters beginning in the months of March, April and May of 2009. You will begin to hear new things from Me in this season as you pray and wait upon Me, says the Lord!  

I am seeing a vision here of God’s people walking and marching with flags in their hands, sometime during your summer-months. I see them raising their voices aloud with God’s praises. I see a radical army of people rising to carry the Name of the Lord to your streets! I see some citizens in those communities saying: “Do not do that! What is wrong with these people? Are they crazy? Have they lost their minds?”  

But I tell you, My people, says the Lord, that the spiritual force of My people will intensify so much that many of My people will grow tired now of only staying inside the four-walls of the Church!  

Staying quiet and staying home with your saved brothers and sisters and families does not bring the saving-Gospel of Salvation out there where the lost multitudes need it! I will begin to stir the hearts of My people now to ask: “What about our nation? What about the high-percentage of our population that are lost and going to hell if they do not get saved?  

If My Church does not tell them the good-news, then how can they be saved? How can they hear without a preacher? And how can they receive the Gospel, unless the preacher is sent to them? I spoke to My prophet Ezekiel that he had a responsibility concerning the lost.  

In Ezekiel 3:18, I said: “When I say to the wicked, You shall surely die; and you do not give him warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked one shall die in his iniquity; but I will require his blood at your hand. 

I said that if you do not warn a man of the results of sin, I will even require his blood at your hand if you did not carry the remedy of My Word to Him. I will now cause conviction to come upon the hearts of My people to move strongly into evangelism, says the Lord.  

I will release great breakthroughs in soul-winning even into the top hierarchies of your government, says the Lord. I will touch three particular men in the high-places of your government. Two will want to keep it private, but at least one of them will come out publicly down the road about his faith in and commitment to Christ. He will only hint about his faith first though. When you see this, know that he is one I have touched.  

I will begin to infiltrate the government of Switzerland with righteousness! I will now put My people into strategic-positioning for the purpose of infiltrating the top-echelons of the Swiss government arenas with My power and My Spirit, says the Lord!  

Your Television airwaves and programming have been oppressed, held back, restricted and restrained from broadcasting My truth. But I will now break your airwaves and broadcasting loose from their oppression, says the Lord!  

Your local channels and local stations that said ‘no’ to My Gospel will be turned around! I will open their doors and make them say ‘yes’ to Me! My Word will be spoken and declared over the airwaves into the houses of all the people of Switzerland.  

Many do not yet have all the satellite-channels airing in their homes, though the technology and ability is there. So I will cause your local stations to be deregulated from their oppression against Christianity, and My Word will go forth now! The common-man will be able to turn on his television set and hear Me talking through My people!  

You must pray now, My people, and declare and prophesy to the powers-that-be that My movements will now overtake all of theirs! Many things do not change in many societies because there is no prophetic-voice for Me crying aloud and sparing not!  

You must also now pray, declare and prophesy that only the right and relevant voices get on these new openings in the airwaves! Do not allow those religious-ones get on the airwaves that have no power to change anything in the spirit. These have been on Christian Television programming all over the world for far too long, and nations have not been transformed enough yet!  

Some with either weak or just plain wrong doctrinal viewpoints have stood around pontificating messages to the masses that do not mean much at all in the order of transforming one’s life. This is a waste of My time and resources. There are yet others who make it their unholy mission of criticizing anyone who is powerful because they feel threatened by what they do not have or do not yet understand due to their spiritual ignorance.  

I see a vision here of a stubborn ‘legalistic-type’ of control coming through these heads of the religious-orders. It appears that they have made their oppression and control into their own elite club, where their leadership dictates to all what happens by their approval, or in what is acceptable or not acceptable based on their terms and policies. This tells me that this is demonic, and that it has become institutionalized in your society.  

After the next few years, I will have begun the weakening and dismantling of these religious-forces. And their ultimate destruction will still yet come, at a later time, as My spiritual revolution in Switzerland continues to take place!  

In the years coming, commencing from the year of 2012, you will begin to see the reverberation of a new reformation that will be powerfully instituted in your land spiritually, and also somewhat naturally.  

I will continue touching those of high-esteem and high-estate and those from high-society. They will also have a part in My move in supporting it and spreading it, says the Lord!  

Revival and spiritual-revolution and reformation will break forth in your land, O Switzerland! It must start with revival though. If people do not have My life manifested enough in them, they do not possess My power in enough of the big measures necessary to bring forth spiritual-revolution and reformation.  

I will pour out My Spirit now in abundance amongst your people. I will baptize you in My fire and Spirit in measures you may not have known before.  

I will work to remove fear, intimidation and manipulation placed in your society by the evil-one.  

I see a vision here of surveillance going on from your government that studies the activities of what Churches are doing. You would not see this on the surface, but it is going on behind the scenes. I see someone that is planning to report on somebody to cause a problem for a certain man of God that is moving now in God’s power. But this ‘messenger’ does not now know that God will touch him in the process. He will not be able to report, but he will get saved in the process, and turn back the other way! 

I will infiltrate all levels of your society with My touch. And revival will genuinely touch so many people. Get ready for this, says the Lord!  

I will both begin and do many great and miraculous things in this year of 2009. It will be the year of great favour in demonstrative measures. Many blessings you will just have to call ‘crazy’ because you will not be able to explain them in natural terms. This is the Year of Favour for your chosen-elect, Lord! *So be it, in Jesus’ mighty Name! 

I decree that supernatural financial-abundance and even surplus will come to ministries to fund their visions! I decree that the things that need to be paid for on even high-levels will be supernaturally paid for now!  

Many things I want done do not get done because people are either unwilling to produce funds, or just lacking them. Projects that do not get paid for do not get done. Brilliant staffs are needed. Funding is needed for them.  

Father God, I thank you that the things that are binding up and withholding your people’s finances are now being destroyed by Your mighty power! Nothing is impossible for you! Do it now, Lord, and cause Your abundant provisions to flood every endeavour for Your Work, in Jesus’ mighty Name!  

These will now be the days when we will see anything needed granted to us! And we will have the best people possible avail themselves to do Your Work with us!  

Lord, let Your true Church stop looking for greatness in the hearts of fools and inept people that are un-able, un-trained and un-learned.  

Lord, let Your true Church never put people in charge of things that do not have the ability, intelligence, learnedness or skills to do the jobs that are so crucial to the success and breakthroughs for us advancing Your Kingdom!  

Let Your true Church stop the foolishness! We need professional-excellence in Your House! We need the best and most skilled people at the helm of every department we institute!  

It is often said that you can take a faithful man and make him able. But that is quite a process! And some people just do not have affinity for certain things! We need pre-programmed geniuses for Your Work!  

The Church and many Ministries have been guilty of taking anyone who comes along and acts a bit interested and available! But beware! Many come because they have nothing else to do, and some come with untoward personal agendas!  

The Elijah-Elisha principle is, however, a different system and order altogether. This takes time, even several years in actual reality. You cannot look to a son or daughter in ministry to run things in the business-realm, marketing-realm, media-realm, technical-realm, or in the administration-realm on high-levels if he or she is not gifted and skilled in such.  

Several Churches and Ministries have been lacking wisdom in this area. The world runs their businesses and companies well with highly-skilled people and they succeed! And they have influence! Meanwhile, the Church many times lags behind in proficient standards of excellence, thus, they lose greatly in the realms of commerce and production.  

Father God, I ask You to give Your true Church Your wisdom and direction and guidance in these serious matters. Several of Your leaders have had things moving at a slow-pace and on small-scales because they have been too trusting of people. They just hoped for the best in people. And those people they set in place did not have the necessary abilities to perform on high-levels, so Your Work suffered. This is not only a set-back; it is a tragedy! 

Lord, please pour out and develop Your brilliance in Your people now, so they can advance Your Kingdom! Bring forth a restructuring now that will cause great advancement through Your leaders and Your people in business-matters, in Jesus’ mighty Name! *Amen!  

Lord, I decree that new administrations, new brilliance and new excellence will spring forth in all of the areas of things and operations needed to reach the masses with Your Word, Presence and Power! Let the best and most abundance for producing marketing for the mass-media come forth and be created now! Grant Your chosen ones all the money, finance, resources and equipment and staff needed to perform what you are doing now through them, in Jesus’ mighty Name! *Amen!  

I am seeing a vision here of what looks like a pipe-line going deep-down into the earth. I can see that there is a certain type of flag on the top of it. It appears that some types of new natural-resources will be found in the land of Switzerland. It could be natural gas or oil or some precious commodity that has been hidden under the ground. Whatever this is, when it is discovered and harvested, Switzerland will gain new power and influence on the ‘world-map’ of the business-arena in new ways. What it is specifically is not clear now to my gaze, but this thing will be developed, and Switzerland will gain new recognition for it!  

Inside the nation of Switzerland, the church-world has remained in a calm, quiet and even obscure posture. The full-Gospel has almost been unheard of! But now, this all will change! I will raise up My leaders and sons and daughters to carry My glory-fire and glorious-Gospel saving, healing and deliverance power to the people of your nation. Do not fear men’s reviling or persecutions. Just obey Me, and I will bless and reward you for it, says the Lord!  

The times are changing now! I do not want you to merely-exist. I want to make you all revolutionaries for Me, says the Living God! I want you all to take the Kingdom by force! My Spirit will reside in and burn in you. You will find yourselves getting grieved and even angry at the way things are now. You cannot accept things as they are now anymore. You will toss and turn at night and in the morning. I will cause this conviction of My Spirit to come upon you. I will lead you in My cause to bring forth change in your nation. You cannot accept things they way they are, and leave things the way they are any longer. I will have you think about what can be done, and I will give you brilliant ideas.  

I will pour out My fire upon you, and you will become revolutionaries for Me, says the Living God! The days of the shift are now coming upon you, and I will lead you in the way you should go. You will walk in My ways; and no longer in the ways of religiosity, says the Lord!  

I will lead you out of the bondages of religious-control and compromise; and you will now walk in the life and fire and power that I am granting unto you from My own nature, says the Lord!  

I will also cause these prophecies to get on the lips of some of My servants in the coming days. I will also send some of My servants in from the outside to echo and declare these things.  

I am preparing My people now for the coming magnanimous-movements of My Spirit and Power! I will see in manifested-reality the Destiny that I have ordained for the nation and people of Switzerland, says the Spirit of Almighty God!

  • International Copyright – December 2009 -–

*Thomas Manton IV – Dominion International. All Rights Reserved. This Prophecy may be reprinted (preferably in its entirety) with the author’s permission, and full display of the author’s contact information only! Please also send us an original copy of your publication. You may also print, forward, or download this Prophecy for distribution to individuals and/or organizations for their spiritual enrichment and edification. Thank you, and May God richly bless you!

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Prophecy To France -Through- Thomas Manton IV

Dominion International Africa ~ Nairobi, Kenya

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Prophecy to France -through- Thomas Manton IV
Released May 2006 in London, England
“I am raising up Intercessors and Warriors of My Spirit to pray for My mighty outpouring in France, says the Living God! I will have My remnant network together in new ways in the coming days for My Holy purposes, says the Lord! You who have My mark of anointing of My new move in this day and hour will surely experience new movements and My leadings into many new relationships. I am raising Intercessors to declare war on the devil in France! And My Warriors will not simply operate in ‘private’ prayer just as ‘private’ individuals. I want this new movement of spiritual aggression to encompass My entire Church! Please understand that the vessel is not the key to breakthrough; but the demonstration of My power by My anointing is your key to victory! This new movement will touch scores of church leaders, business leaders and lay-people alike. I am now looking for vessels I can move through that won’t limit Me!
I am birthing a passion for France’s spiritual breakthrough in the hearts of many, says the Lord! I am birthing a concern for France’s breakthrough into salvation for the masses and multitudes throughout the nation. It seemed impossible for so long; but I assure you, France’s spiritual liberation is already in motion!  I am moving many into serious prayer and intercession to break the heavens open over many regions in France. Very strong spiritual breakthrough movements will break loose in -greater- Paris; and also in the southern region -in and around- greater Marseilles. I want My Voices continually crying aloud for the Heavens to open completely over many spiritual portals and regions in France.
I am raising up Intercessors; and I will anoint them to pray!  I will fill their speech with My Words. And I will place a great weight of authority upon the words I speak through them. Praying under My unction will cause great releases of My fire in your land, says the Lord. Anointed Prayer and Prophetic Declarations are two major keys to opening up ‘rivers and highways’ in the realm of the spirit for My move to flood your land, says the Lord!
I will release new glory and fire upon many Pastors in this next wave. Those who have loving and humble hearts will find themselves being filled with My Presence greater than ever before! Watch how I touch the Pastors in this next day! I will bring the ones I love to their knees in prayer! They will fall on their faces crying out for Me to do whatever it is I want! They will cry out with broken hearts for all other agendas but God’s to be put aside and thrown away! They will cry repeatedly in My Presence; “Lord, we put ourselves aside to give You free reign to do whatever you desire!”  They will cry; “Let it come Lord!  Let Your Will be done here in our Nation! We receive it!  We are finished with our own ways!  We will no longer lean on our own understanding.  We are finished with our divisions and human devices. We will cease from everything that grieves You!  We will not lean upon our own understanding anymore. We will truly let you be God, whatever it costs us!”
Revival fires will burn in many houses. This coming revival will become extremely and severely evangelistic in scope, focus and operation, says the Lord! This will be by My design, says the Lord!
A new order of apostolic release will rain down into the houses that I am moving in, says the Lord! My ‘fathers’ will emerge in France out from many houses. And these ‘fathers’ will train, equip and release My ‘sons and daughters’ to do great Ministry works and exploits, says the Lord your God! These will be the days of ‘apostolic families’ abiding in My Houses, says the Lord! I will raise ‘families’ in My Houses, says the Lord! I will raise up spiritual families-not necessarily joined by blood, culture or race- but they will be divinely joined together by My Spirit! And I will take even the solitary and lonely ones and engraft them in these ‘families.’ These will be the days of My raising up apostolic fathers and mothers and sons and daughters in families, says the Lord!  And great shall be the fruit that will grow and spring forth from these ‘family-trees!’
I decree to the leaders in France that I am releasing a new wave of new fire upon your nation!  A new move of My Spirit will run through your land! Are you prepared to run and ‘catch’ it?  I am calling My Prophets to walk upon the soil and prophesy what will come forth next in France!
I will raise apostolic voices and apostolic churches and new ‘orders’ in the nation. It is now a new season for France! A new season has commenced in your nation! Do you not know it?
I remember when I first visited France in 1997. I was very grieved by many things I saw there. But Lord, You told me then; “Give it a little time, son, for I will surely break through these evils of men and devils. Flames of revival will surely flow forth in the Nation of France! Multitudes shall see and experience it! You will live to see it all. I will raise up My Voices in France!
I will raise up new voices even in your government arena. I will cause changes in the Parliament and in the elective offices. There will even come the emergence of a new party in your government.  I will also have some new people stand up for righteousness in the midst of the governing arenas. These will surface seemingly out of nowhere.  It will seem like they just appeared overnight.
In future elections, ‘upset’victories will come; along with an emergence of a new type of political leader that will infiltrate the law-making institutions with supernatural influence. The days will come where strings and threads will be woven between the voices that are speaking and crying out for righteousness to be implemented and take its true place of ‘rule’ in France. They will cry out for reformations in various arenas in society and in your government. But their foremost agenda will be a cry for France to come back to God. They will say that we need to honour the Lord in our lives! So be it!
The teachings of true Christianity will come back into prevalence in many schools. There will be more liberty and spirituality amongst the young people. Some may say this is impossible. But I declare to you that you will see it!
I will by-pass those with hard hearts that will unfortunately even go to their graves in bitterness; never repenting or turning away from their sins because of the evils they were brought up in. Sadly, those devils have become incarnate in them. Nevertheless, My people, pray and shout for all men to repent and come to Me!
I will raise up a new order of youth and a new young breed of people whose passion will be for Me to have My way! I have really wanted this all along, but men have stood in the way of this. I will move greatly upon the young generation now.
I will even move upon the babies that will come forth from their mother’s wombs as pre-programmed ‘generals of fire’ for the last days!  I will call and anoint new vessels. And they will raised up to be great voices and great generals in the land.  You will see these voices emerge with your eyes. You will hear these Voices of Mine with your ears. You will not depart this life before you have seen the great move of My Spirit touch the nation of France!
I declare to you; “Watch as I begin to remove the wicked from their places of power! Watch as I pick them off one-by-one! You will see government scandals and removals; and even disgraceful resignations of certain men who have done wickedly; thinking I would not do anything to them!
An assassination and murder of one of your high officials will also take place. I also see a leading news-caster who also deals with government affairs being removed from the scene.  It is surely time now for evil men to be removed from their places of prominence and power! And I will do it, says the Lord!
This will bring about changes in your society. People will be broken and upset over this. They will ask; “Why did this have to happen?” The Lord said this tragedy will bring a level of humility in the hearts of people that was not there before. Did this not happen in New York City after 9/11?
I will show people just how frail man is; and just how limited his scope and his imagination is ~compared to Mine.
An assassination attempt will also come against the life of your President, says the Lord! But if My people will pray; it can be diverted. You will see this event happen. This will hit your newspapers and media headlines all over the nation; and even throughout the world.
Great shakings will also come forth from within the government. The emergence of a new party; and various new developments in the elections will send shock-waves across your nation! This will cause everyone to be talking! However, they may not know that I am behind it all; and that I am ‘turning-over’ the tables!  I am shifting your course; so France will go in the direction that I want to, says the Spirit of the Lord!
I will have some of My apostles and pastors that I have anointed help carry My people over into financial abundance! I will have some of My voices teach My people what is on My heart concerning My peoples’ entrance into possession of true prosperity!
This will eventually become a national movement in France within My Church. But let Me caution you here! Prosperity is not to be considered as a separate stream or doctrine. This is My plan for ALL of My people! My Son and your Saviour, Jesus Christ, the King of Glory, has paid the ultimate price for ALL to live in Prosperity!
But it only manifests itself through My people’s individual and corporate reception, perception and understanding of My Biblical economic principles; and by their working with these principles and promises!
Prosperity is manifested by your individual and corporate obedience to My commands; both from My Logos and also from My prophetic Rhemas! You are the one who determines how much you receive by how much you give! Always remember, your living is determined by your giving! Your operations of obedience, or disobedience, toward My Kingdom laws and promises (which are really Prophecies!); will either restrict or release your own Blessings! So learn of Me, My people, and enter into My realms of abundant living!  The opportunities for increase and abundance are yours, declares the Lord!
Be aware, My precious ones, that great persecution will raise its ugly head against My movements in teaching My people how to receive and walk in prosperity. Many people have been deceived by religious men under the influence of religious devils; and have believed their lies about My Will and how I operate. There will be a price to pay to fully enter into what I have ordained for you! It comes with persecution. And persecution comes through ignorant and deceived men. You just have to wonder if these men have truly read their Bibles; or what has taken hold of their heads!
Nevertheless, you just watch and see how I will bring great understanding of My Word and My Kingdom operations to the many hurting people in My houses; who do not yet know how to unlock their own financial increase and abundance.
I will release waves of teaching that will give My people knowledge from My Heart that it is truly My Will for My people to live in blessings and abundance, says the Lord! Great prosperity will come upon those who embrace and proclaim; and work with My promises of prosperity from My Word. A great transfer of wealth will then flood forth into the hands of many in the Body of Christ as never before. The Christians should no longer be the poor ones; they should be rich ones! So be it!
I want prosperity, increase and abundance to encompass and overtake My people! As My people walk around confessing My Word; they will see changes coming in every hand, says the Lord!
The ‘religious orders’ in France will begin to crumble. The councils and counsels of men will begin to diminish as I raise up My voices!  I will chop apart, piece-by-piece, the traditions of men that attempt to make My Word of none effect! I will cause a new breed to arise with My Truth!
There will be a great fight over this transition, says the Lord!  There will be a fight from men who are jealous for their own coffers and their own influences as they begin to lose the people. And there will be a fight from those religious devils that are losing their own grip of control!
This overturning of old orders will literally change the course of history in France, says the Spirit of the Living God!  My Fire from Heaven is falling on your nation and its societies! Will you be bold enough to work with Me, precious one? Do you realize that I have alreadygiven you total victory over all devils and evils in your societies? Well, I have!  Amen!
It is time now for you to arise and take your place in My Heavenly Army and move in My purposes, says the Living God!  I am Jehovah Sabbaoth, the Lord God of My Armies! I am the Lord of Hosts who is always ready to fight! And I always win ~ if ~ I can find the men I need to cooperate with My Plans!
The Nation of France is now standing in the day of decision and in the day of destiny, says the Lord of Hosts. Multitudes are waiting for Me; and they do not yet know that I am their answer, says the Lord! It is a day of battle in the realm of the spirit. My forces must be mobilized now to take France into her rightful day of My Visitation, says the Lord! It is now the time to fight for the multitudes of men’s souls that do not yet know Me, says the Lord! Pray that I, the Lord of the Harvest, will send forth skilled and anointed labourers into My Harvest-fields now, in Jesus’ mighty Name! Destiny demands the salvation of the Nation! It is your job to go forth and win souls into My Kingdom, says the Lord! For he who wins souls is wise. Do not allow the enemy of mankind have any more place in France! It is time for all of the works of the devil to be destroyed, declares your Sovereign Lord! Rise up and take your place in the battle now, for I have already given you the Victory, says the Spirit of Almighty God!
Father God, I thank you that the Fires of Heaven will now fall down upon the Nation and People of France! Touch them, Lord, with Your mighty Word, Presence and Power! And as Your Intercessors watch and pray on the walls, and stand in the gap; many new spiritual breakthroughs will be released in the people and in the Nation! Almighty Father God, please let Your Kingdom come and Your Will -alone- be done now, in the great Nation and People of France; in the Mighty, Majestic and Matchless Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the King of Glory and Saviour of the World!

International Copyright ~ 1999 – 2006. All Rights Reserved.
The Ministry of Dr. Thomas Manton IV ~ Dominion International
*This Prophecy may be reprinted (preferably in its entirety) with the author’s permission, and full display of the author’s contact information only! Please also send us an original copy of your publication. You may also print, forward, or download this Prophecy for distribution to individuals and/or organizations for their spiritual enrichment and edification. Thank you, and May God richly bless you as you partake of these Words from Heaven!
*Portions of this Prophecy were first delivered through Thomas Manton IV in Orlando, Florida in early 1999. *The Lord later added more to itup through 2006…However, this is yet still a small portion of all that God is saying regarding what He has prepared and ordained for the Nation & People of France!  *This Prophetic Volume shall also be continuedand added to later…Stay Tuned!

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How To Become Devil-Proof


The Bible declares in 1 John 4:4, “Greater is He that is in you
than he that is in the world.” But have you observed that many
of God’s people are still living defeated lives? Many people are
still living in perplexities, complications and oppressions. Why?
It is because the devil is on the loose! In this series, Thomas
Manton IV again gives us that needed insight and a powerfully
anointed commission from Heaven on how to expose, identify
and kick the devil out of our lives and societies! It is time now
to experience God’s glory and His full deliverance in every
area of our lives!*May all of our lives and societies become
devil-proof as we invoke and execute this Apostolic commission
given through this dynamic and detailed Message from
God!*Untold Blessings are waiting for you!
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The Rise Of The Supernatural Church

Apathetic rather than Apostolic, and Pathetic rather than Prophetic Leadership; with Bored rather than Adored followers has spoiled many believers’ passions toward Ministry in these days. Atypical rather than Anointed; and Man-Planned rather than God-Breathed Programmes have short-circuited the Glory and Desire of God for many peoples and societies! It surely is high-time now for the True Anointed Remnant in the Church of Jesus Christ to rise up and move in the demonstration and power of the Holy Ghost! Listen here to part of what Heaven uttered through God’s Prophet, Thomas Manton IV stating that: “The carriers of the Glory of God in the coming days will not necessarily be titled and pompous religious men but rather; Holy Ghost filled laymen!” Luke 5:36-39 declares the coming of the new wineskins that will carry forth the new-wine in the Spirit! The Lord wants to prepare YOU to Rise in the midst of gross-darkness now as a repairer and rebuilder of the desolations of many generations! (Isaiah 60, 61) The best wine has saved for last, and God’s Supernatural Church will now carry it forth to the Multitudes! This very powerful DVD album has captured a phenomenal anointing ‘live’ that will catapult you to higher-dimensions of activation for advancing God’s Kingdom! “The Rise Of The Supernatural Church!” is ON now; and YOU are a part of it! Tell your Friends and Colleagues to get this DVD Album as well! *Enjoy!  

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